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Efficient & Consistent Drying

Plant drying has never been easier

Why Plant Drying Hangers Work

Minimize Waste

By avoiding the damaging process of threading the plants through traditional coat hangers, using instead the open side of the VAS Hanger, that waste is minimized.

Save Time & Money

Because our hangers make it so easy to dry plants, you end up saving a significant time in labor which ends up saving you money at the end of the day.

Even Curing

Ridged horizontal hanging bar helps create even spacing to create ventilation and ensure that you have consistently dried product every time. 

Streamline Your Process

The new VAS Hanger offers a clean and simple alternative to the traditional drying process. Our patented design has an opening on one side so the hanger can feed right through the stalks of the plants instead of having to thread through a normal hanger which causes plant loss and adds time to the drying process.

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Increase Efficiency

Because the VAS Plant Hangers are so efficient and easy to use, you end up saving hours of labor. Also because of the patented ridged hanging design, your plants will be evenly spaced and then evenly cured every time, creating a consistent product overall.

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“We put every effort into growing the healthiest plants possible. Why would we deny the flowers the full advantage of those efforts by cutting them from the stalk too early? Yes, it takes up more space, but we believe our users’ experience is well worth it.”

– Ian Swift

"The VAS Hangers have helped us increase our efficiency of speed by 56% per 1600 square foot of harvest."

– Fog City Farms

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